Employment Opportunity

Contractor Position

(Maternity Leave)

Start Date: Immediate

Supervisor: Vince Verlaan, Principal

Contractor Rate: $32 per hour

Hours: 2 days / week (7.5 hours per day), at the MODUS office

Location: Downtown Vancouver, BC

Closing Date: Feb 1, 2019


 Submit a cover letter and curriculum vitae with references via email to careers@thinkmodus.ca, stating “Application: part-time Marketing & Design specialist” in the subject line. 

Job Description:

 In this position, you will work closely with MODUS principal Vince Verlaan to implement key aspects of the firm’s marketing strategy. In particular: 

  • Coordinate with senior staff to identify, develop and use marketing material for the firm Website, Social Media accounts and Newsletter - 50% of role 

  • Ongoing graphic design work for marketing collateral (project profile sheets, service sheets, thinkpieces, PowerPoint presentations, etc.) - 20% of role 

  • Expand and update all the company social media accounts - 10% of role 

  • Design, send & track newsletter, announcements and invitations - 10% of role 

  • Occasional graphic design work for our proposals and/or projects -10% of role 


  • Graphic design skills and experience 

  • Social media skills and experience 

  • Professional writing skills and experience 

  • SquareSpace website modification capacity 

  • Good interpersonal skills and task dedication 

  • Self-starter who can work with some autonomy 

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