Harry Jerome Community Centre

MODUS and the City of North Vancouver completed an extensive engagement process for the new Harry Jerome Community Centre. Working with stakeholder groups and the public, Rob Barrs and Lisa Moffatt helped the City to confirm programming and siting for the new facility. Working with the community through open houses, a town hall and special council meeting, the new community centre received Council support in June 2017.

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TransLink Custom Transit Service Delivery Review

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MODUS, TransLink and Coast Mountain Bus Company co-delivered a communications and engagement strategy for a detailed review of custom transit services (HandyDart). Over 100 participants from 60 stakeholder groups went through a four-phase process, exploring pressing needs, researching possible solutions, identifying strategies, and recommending actions to improve service. Implementation now underway!

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Valleyview Economic Development Strategy

MODUS helped create an economic development strategy for the Town of Valleyview (AB) with extensive involvement of local stakeholders, through interviews and a multi-sectoral Advisory Committee. The Strategy focuses on four key sectors, linked to ensure sustainable growth and diversification. Strengthening both leadership and regional collaboration are key foci of the strategy (LINK), which will support a stronger and more resilient economy built on local assets and keeping more revenue in the community.