Transit Fare Review

Last updated 30 years ago, the region-wide transit fare structure is under review by TransLink, stakeholders and the public. MODUS is coordinating engagement and communications efforts for this 2-year initiative. The project has beaten participation records for any TransLink engagement effort, with  40,000+ participants in a well-branded Phase 1 online survey. Phase 3, underway now, will bring forward options for a distance-based transit fare system.

Visit the project website for more information, and for the Phase 3 survey.


"Working with Vince Verlaan and the MODUS team on a variety of projects has been an absolute pleasure. The strategic engagement direction they provide has helped TransLink to achieve record engagement numbers (over 28,000 in one case), to build trust with stakeholders and the public, and to develop better services and policies. Every MODUS team member is well versed in their area of expertise and very easy to work with. We look forward to working with them more in the future."

- Vincent Gonsalves,  Senior Advisor, Public Consultation, TransLink