Squamish 2040 Official Community Plan Update

This OCP update is using a highly collaborative process to update long-range plan for the booming District of Squamish. Using a range of fun techniques, and asking about priorities for the future, we involved over 1200 local residents and stakeholders in just the first phase.   

In Phase 2, we worked with the District to coordinate several "OCPizza Nights," kitchen table meetings hosted by citizens and supported by easy-to-use workbooks on key issues.


"Thank you for such a great public event - Accolades are pouring in - the community and Council loved it!  Your vision, expertise, and attention to detail made execution easy, and we are so fortunate to be working with such professionals. We are "2 for 2" now on monumental engagement successes with the MODUS team!"

- Christina Moore, Communications Manager, District of Squamish