Special Olympics International - Healthy Communities Project

The Healthy Communities project is a global effort to address health inequalities experienced by people with intellectual disabilities. MODUS worked closely with Special Olympics International on this project for the past two years.  

Strategic planning, team development and facilitation support have  been needed as new funding has come into play, programs have rapidly expanded, and staffing levels and structures have changed.  Recent workshops and meetings were held in Belgium, Washington, DC, and Dublin.


Frankly, the place we arrived at after the two-day retreat you facilitated is well beyond what I thought would be possible. Everything you did, ahead of time, choosing activities, framing discussions, etc. – all of it was so key to the successes we had in the room. We are so fortunate to have been able to work with you on this new health strategy, and my understanding is that the broader organization – not surprisingly – is interested in engaging with you further. Thanks again.

- Darcie Mersereau, Vice President, Health Programs, Special Olympics International