Some people think that involving diverse audiences in collaborative processes isn’t worth the effort. At MODUS, we see things very differently.

Our robust approach to engagement strengthens project outcomes by bringing diverse perspectives into the mix from the start. Insight, understanding, creativity, support and capacity are increased using our proven methods and facilitation style.

We are experts in dialogue methods, have IAP2 training and excel at helping organizations engage people productively.

Our engagement approach seeks to raise awareness and broaden participation, share information, pose powerful questions and access new ideas. We work through challenges, develop consensus on solutions, move together into implementation, and ultimately embrace engagement as an organization.

The major benefit of working this way is better relationships and more trust within your community, because you asked for their ideas and you listened to them.

Engagement Preparation – helping clients develop an overarching approach to community engagement or specific engagement plan.

  • Developing a comprehensive engagement strategy.
  • Selecting and design the most effective in-person and digital engagement formats.
  • Identifying and liaising with stakeholders.

Engagement Implementation – delivering engagement using a variety of fun, creative techniques.

  • Designing and delivering a launch event, “Light Touch” input tools (e.g. surveys, displays, ideas fairs) and “Deep Dive” input tools (e.g. discussion guides, workshops).
  • Designing and delivering dialogue events (e.g. Circle, World Café, Open Space)
  • Leading facilitation and conflict resolution.

Engagement Foundations – supporting an organization to build their foundation for future community engagement efforts.

  • Developing a contact database.
  • Training staff in engagement foundations.
  • Developing engagement policies and toolkits.