Current Projects
University of Victoria New Student Residence

Planning and engagement activities underway for a huge new student residence!

Leading the communications and engagement strategy for the first comprehensive review of TransLink's fare policy in 30 years.  

Developing Vancouver's Playbook, a new plan to guide the maintenance and creation of Vancouver's world-class parks and recreation.

An effective framework to guide and implement UBC's key priorities, goals and actions over the next 25 years.

Asking the community of North Vancouver how to rejuvenate an essential amenity space.

Working with HandyDART customers and advocates to identify key areas for change and explore alternative service delivery models.

A plan to build upon exceptional parks and recreation assets, and meet the needs of a diverse and rapidly growing community.

Facilitating a 20-member, multi-sectoral expert panel to create a cutting-edge Zero Waste 2040 strategy.

Designing and delivering an engagement strategy for Granville Island 2040, which will set a dynamic vision for the Island's future.

Working closely with Special Olympics International on their rapidly expanding Healthy Communities project.