We help clients solve tough problems & reach their full potential.

MODUS works with local and regional governments, provincial agencies, crown corporations, non-profits, universities, community groups, school boards, libraries and progressive developers to address critical issues and make a difference.

Our Modus Operandi

How we collaborate with you is what sets us apart.  Our “modus operandi” is to consciously weave together our expertise with ideas from diverse stakeholders, the public and our clients.  Tapping into a range of perspectives on complex issues makes us all wiser, aligns our thinking and action and creates new solutions.

From Insight to Impact

Our proven way of working together with a range of players always leads to new and compelling insights.  A shared perspective builds, options are explored   and a clear direction emerges.  The result is creative, implementable solutions that make a real difference.

We're Passionate About:

  • Contributing to the generational challenge of sustainability by focusing on the places that people live and how they live.
  • Having a collective impact on the world, making it a better place to live now and  in the  future.
  • Focusing on our home region and working across North America and internationally.

We Believe In:

  • Creating a better world by providing solutions to the challenges of our times. 
  • Improving the social well-being and economic prosperity of communities of all sizes.
  • Building organizational and/or community capacity through collaboration.
  • Having fun with one another, clients and community members.