Lasting solutions for a better world.


To weave together diverse people, skills and ideas to drive bold action.

MODUS works with local and regional governments, provincial agencies, crown corporations, non-profits, universities, community groups, school boards, libraries and progressive developers to address critical issues and make a difference.


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IMPACT - Making real progress on critical issues

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INCLUSION - Shaping processes and places with and for everyone.

COLLABORATION - Figuring things out together

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INNOVATION - Exploring and inspiring new approaches.

CAPACITY - Empowering   clients, communities & ourselves.

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LEARNING - Embracing Growth and improvement.

Modus Operandi

How we collaborate with you is what sets us apart.  Our “modus operandi” is to consciously weave together our expertise with ideas from diverse stakeholders, the public and our clients.  Tapping into a range of perspectives on complex issues makes us all wiser, aligns our thinking and action and creates new solutions.

This proven "way of doing things together" leads to fresh thinking, new insight, and inspiration which enables shared perspectives to build, and a clear direction to emerge. The result? Creative, well-supported and implementable solutions that truly make a difference. That's MODUS. From Insight to Impact.