City Conversations: Does Vancouver Need a City Plan?

On November 20, Pete Whitelaw participated in a panel discussion with Patrick Condon, Chair of Urban Design at UBC’s School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, and Ann McAfee, who was Vancouver's co-Director of Planning (with Larry Beasley), and guided the 1995 CityPlan.

The City Conversations question was, "Does Vancouver need a City Plan?" Discussion focused on the benefits and risks of creating a city plan for Vancouver. The Vancouver City Planning Commission published background resources to frame and inform the discussion.

Key takeaways, summarized in Novae Res Urbis, included:

  • Cities with official plans are still challenged by controversial rezonings – just like Vancouver, which doesn’t have an OCP.

  • OCPs need to be flexible and dynamic, adjusting to changes in demographics and demands for land use types

  • Graphics and drawings are under-utilized and would help communicate a plan's goals more clearly and effectively

  • There is still value in long-range plans - even as long as 50 years - because cities grow and change in this timeframe

To see videos of Pete, Patrick, and Ann's presentations, please visit YouTube