Report on Linkages between Health and the Built Environment released

For over a decade, members of MODUS have worked on projects and policies that affect human health both directly and indirectly. We know that how communities are planned and built, and the services and resources provided within them, directly impacts people's physical, mental, and social health. And we know the financial benefits of investing in “upstream” factors and settings that promote health and well-being.

Summarizing the relevant literature, the Provincial Health Services Authority of BC recently released the “Healthy Built Environment Linkages Toolkit.” It shows how community planning and urban design are linked to significant health outcomes and sets out some principles for the future. Gratifyingly, a webinar on the toolkit focused on the success of the District of North Vancouver’s Official Community Plan (which Vince consulted on heavily) in making strong connections between health officials, planners and council decision-making. 

Check out the Linkages Toolkit at: