Council Approves Township of Langley’s “Public Engagement Charter”

On October 3rd, Township of Langley Council adopted a Public Engagement Charter to ensure meaningful dialogue between the Township and residents around development planning.

The charter, developed with support from MODUS, directs the Township in its goal of being a responsive, community-serving organization and sets the standards for public engagement for years to come.

According to the Township’s news release:

“Our residents are invested in where they live and have valuable ideas and opinions on how our communities should look as we plan ahead. They have made it clear that we need to work together to shape our future,” said Mayor Jack Froese. “The Public Engagement Charter will make sure that happens by laying a foundation to ensure residents have many early, ongoing, and meaningful opportunities to have their say during planning processes, that they are kept informed and up-to-date, and that we as a Township are accountable and transparent.”

The Charter is key to the Township’s overarching Public Engagement Strategy created by the Mayor’s Standing Committee on Public Engagement (with MODUS support) and endorsed by Council in March 2016.  Read the Charter here.