On the Move (and other news)!

As we get into the longer, warmer days of spring and summer, the team at MODUS are excited to announce that we have moved to our new office!

We’ve also expanded our team to enhance business operations and offer new services in communications and community engagement.
In other news, MODUS Principals Rob Barrs and Peter Whitelaw recently spoke at the PIBC 2016 Conference in Kelowna, and Vince Verlaan will be speaking at the upcoming 2016 IAP2 Conference in September.
One more thing: we are not breaking up with Vancouver (read on to see why).


New Office

With the addition of six new people in 2016, we have outgrown our current offices in Gastown.  As a result, MODUS will be moving to a larger space at 510 W Hastings in Downtown Vancouver (across from SFU Harbour Centre). We will be temporarily in suite 805, until we move to suite 1202 in September 2016.
Please update your address books with our new address:
1202 - 510 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 1L8







New Staff

We have added a Communications Specialist and Office Manager to our team:

  • Jillian Glover: a Communications Specialist with over 12 years of experience specializing in communications and public engagement on transportation and urban issues.

  • Deb MacIntyre: an Office Manager with a diverse background in business administration for the public and private sector.

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New Strategic Communications and Engagement Services

Strategic Communications
With the hiring of a new communications specialist, we are excited to offer our clients strategic communications services. Strategic communications can raise awareness and invite participation in critical initiatives, build interest and support, and identify issues to address.
We help clarify our client’s communications objectives, analyze the public environment, identify target audiences, and communicate broadly in plain language. We do this using a variety of creative tools, across a range of media channels, posing critical questions, engaging diverse perspectives, inspiring dialogue, and generating solutions.
Learn more about our strategic communications services – including developing communications strategies, media relations, social media engagement and writing and editing. Contact Jillian@thinkmodus.ca for details.
Community Engagement Training and Policy Development
Drawing from over 100 successful projects in the last decade, MODUS now provides sought-after services for the rapidly evolving community engagement field.
Our Community Engagement Training service offers local government staff a powerful immersion in the key concepts and practices for successful community engagement. The two-day, hands-on course covers a range of practical skills to enhance capacity for productive engagement.
Our Community Engagement Policy Development service helps organizations define and consistently achieve their engagement objectives. We offer a collaborative process to help clients develop and implement a customized community engagement policy.
Contact Vince@thinkmodus.ca for details

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Past & Upcoming Presentations

MODUS Principals Robert Barrs and Peter Whitelaw were in Kelowna a few weeks ago to speak at the PIBC 2016 Conference on civic crowdfunding (Robert is involved in a new crowdfunding platform called Wayblaze) and planning toward a sustainable built environment.
MODUS Principal and Engagement Specialist, Vince Verlaan, will be a guest speaker at the upcoming IAP2 Conference, held on September 28 – 30th, 2016, in Montreal, Quebec. Vince will be speaking with Katie Hamilton, Director of Citizen Engagement, City of Victoria on the subject of “Why Meaningful Public Engagement Starts from Within." 


Dear Vancouver: We Are Not Breaking Up With You

There are a lot of “break up” letters being written to Vancouver lately, so the team at MODUS Planning, Design and Engagement  got together to write a sort of love letter to the city (which was also posted on the PlanetizenThis City Life and Pricetags). We hope it inspires people to move forward and make innovative changes:
We know a lot of people are breaking up with you, but we can work this out.
Why do we love you so much that we’re willing to make sacrifices to live with you?  It’s obvious, really.  You’re beautiful.  But we don’t just mean the view of the mountains, we love you for so many reasons: your street life, the public parks, the beaches, the cherry blossoms in the spring, the seawall, the great beer and restaurants, Granville Island and Stanley Park.
But, we are not going to sit here and lavish you with praise for your spectacular natural setting or the fact that you can ski and golf in the same day (because who actually does this?). The truth is, you have some real issues that you could work on: your housing is too expensive, the traffic sucks, and you don’t provide jobs to match the cost of living. 
How do we get past this and move forward?
You can read the full letter here.

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