MODUS partners with HCMA Architecture + Design to deliver public engagement for Granville Island 2040

MODUS is excited to announce that Principals Daniella Ferguson and Rob Barrs will be working with HCMA Architecture + Design to deliver the public engagement process for Granville Island 2040.  

From the official press release:

Dr. Michael Stevenson, Senior Advisor to the President of CMHC responsible for Granville Island 2040, announced the selection of HCMA Architecture + Design as the lead planning and land use consultant for this comprehensive planning initiative. 

“HCMA was selected on the basis of its very strong proposal, reflecting a deep understanding of Granville Island’s history, successes, challenges, and opportunities,” said Dr. Stevenson. “The firm has a portfolio of very impressive work on planning and design, with a number of award-winning projects.”

HCMA will be responsible for preparing the Granville Island 2040 land use vision and strategy. An impressive interdisciplinary team has been assembled by HCMA for Granville Island 2040, which is led by Partner Darryl Condon and Associate Melissa Higgs and includes collaboration with a number of other leaders in architecture, urban planning, and public engagement. Bruce Haden is an advising architect, and others involved with aspects of the work include Dave Ramslie (sustainability); Derek Lee (landscape); James Smerdon (retail strategy and analysis); Charles Montgomery (vision and evaluation criteria); Robert Barrs (public engagement).

Granville Island 2040 is a planning initiative that will set out a comprehensive direction and dynamic vision for Granville Island’s next 25 years.