Community Engagement Training Course for Local and Regional Government

Public-serving organizations, local and regional governments included, deal with a wide range of interlocking trends, needs and priorities. How can they think through, decide on and then act effectively on issues such as growth, development, climate change, social equity and infrastructure needs?

Increasingly, organizations realize that engaging diverse people builds awareness of all the relevant issues and generates new options, ensuring better decisions. Greater support for implementation and stronger community connections are the result.

But what if your agency isn’t quite ready to engage?

MODUS and SFU Continuing Studies now offer a powerful immersion in key concepts and practices for successful community engagement. The two-day, hands-on “core course” covers all the key concepts and builds the skills you need. Content comes from dozens of successful projects and from the SFU “practice of engagement” course taught since 2008.

MODUS has offered this training to local governments and organizations such as the City of Vancouver, the City of Kamloops, the Township of Langley, Metro Vancouver, the City of Surrey, the World Planners Congress and the David Suzuki Foundation.

“Township staff really enjoyed the two-day course in public engagement theory and practice that was delivered onsite by MODUS. The course was practical, highly interactive, content-rich, and effectively taught. Our planners and communications staff benefited a lot from from the experience. We highly recommend it to other municipalities that want to up their public engagement game.”
— Jason Chu, Manager, Long Range Planning, Township of Langley

Core Course Format & Content

Lecture materials “cut through the fog” to provide clear principles and theory. Readings and classroom activities focus on a set of proven practices and hands-on skills, drawing from real-world scenarios.

To maximize learning, individual and small group work is integrated throughout. The two-day course uses six, carefully-sequenced learning blocks:

1.    Core Capacities for Participation, Engagement and Dialogue

2.    Engagement Strategy Development and Process Design

3.    Communications, Input Analysis, and Reporting Back

4.    Face-to-Face Facilitation Skills and Tools

5.    Integrating Digital Engagement Skills and Tools

6.    Implementation, Evaluation and Capacity Building

Advantages to Students:

  • Draws on real-world experience

  • Strong academic credentials and pedagogical approach

  • Explains IAP2 participation continuum and promise to the public

  • Focuses on how to best “involve” and “collaborate”

  • Builds on initial skills in engagement, facilitation & dialogue

  • Exercises use real-life projects and community dynamics

  • Letter of Completion issued by SFU Continuing Studies

Additional 1-Day Trainings Available:

  • Communication Skills & Tools

  • Digital Engagement Fundamentals

  • Facilitation - Foundational Skills & Tools

  • Facilitation - Conflict Resolution

  • Public Input Analysis & Reporting

  • Creative Tools & Formats


For pricing, customization, and inquiries, contact:

Vince Verlaan, MA

Principal, Engagement & Facilitation Specialist

C. 604 908 2550