Granville Island 2040 is Hiring!

MODUS is hiring Ambassadors as part of the public engagement efforts for Granville Island 2040. Read on to learn more about this exciting opportunity. Apply by September 22, 2016.


Job Description: Granville Island 2040 Ambassadors

Employment period:  September 26 – October 15, 2016, plus one mandatory 2-hour training period

Number of positions: 4-8 (each position will average approx. 80 hours)

Compensation: $15/hour

About Granville Island 2040 - Setting a course for Granville Island’s future.

For nearly 40 years, Granville Island has been a cherished community asset; a shining example of what is possible when creative energy and innovative thinking converge in a public space.

Granville Island 2040 is a planning process that will create a bold vision for the future of the Island. We are currently looking for up to eight ‘ambassadors’ to join the team and engage the public who are not currently visiting, working on, or shopping at Granville Island.

The ambassadors will interact with citizens at community ‘hot spots’ such as farmers’ markets and major transit hubs. Ambassadors will go to a range of community events and gathering places and speak directly to as many community members as possible about the GI2040 and encourage citizens to answer a short electronic questionnaire on tablets.

We are looking for enthusiastic, energetic people with an optimistic outlook and a willingness to talk to a wide variety of people; candidates do not need a background in community planning. Engagement training and equipment will be provided.


Description of Responsibilities

Provide outreach and raise awareness about Granville Island Vision 2040. Ambassadors will be working at various outdoor locations over a three-week period (September 26 – October 15).

• To engage a wide range of community members and capture their ideas in an electronic questionnaire

• To achieve a high level of community awareness of and interest in the process and driving up participation numbers for the questionnaire and other activities.

• To achieve high rates of participation among audiences who might not otherwise participate.

• Go to community events or gathering places on weekends and evenings to gather input.

• Gain enough understanding of the project to be comfortable answering general questions.

• Act as a positive role model across the organization.

• Support the project team in ensuring effective community engagement.

• Applicants must commit to a minimum of 7 shifts and attend a mandatory, paid training session prior to the campaign period

• Shifts are 4 to 6 hours each, at various outdoor locations. Shifts will be confirmed prior to the campaign start date.


Key Skills and Aptitudes

• Approachable, out-going and optimistic; friendly demeanour is key.

•   Diversity training or experience an asset.

•     Willing and able to transport informational materials to transit-accessible locations within the City of Vancouver.

• Physically capable of setting-up displays, table and chairs, if necessary.

• Eager to hit participation targets and able to compile and report successes, failures and community responses to outreach efforts.

• Remain calm and display professionalism if faced with challenging conversations.

• Capable of using time in an effective and budget-conscious manner.


Please submit a resume and brief cover letter by Sept 22nd to:

Daniella Fergusson, Principal

MODUS Planning, Design & Engagement Inc.