MODUS Impact Initiative

We take our sustainability focus seriously, and just launched a new initiative at Creative Mornings Vancouver focused on climate change action.



The most recent IPCC report documented our failure to reduce GHG emissions, the warming trends that is causing, and the many terrible impacts.

The report underscores the critical importance of limiting global temp rise to a max of 1.5°C by 2100.  BUT also the unprecedented scale and type of change needed in society to achieve that.

The challenge we face is massive and the effects are increasingly being seen and felt:

This last summer we had the worst fire season in our history, and air quality in Vancouver was the worst in the world for a 10 day period

Just to keep global average temperature down to 1.5 degrees we would have to go way past current pledges!

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 5.28.04 PM.png


#DrivingRapidChange, not just through fear and crisis, but first by Inspiring People on possibilities for #ActionOnClimate

And then by committing to specific initiatives that will make a difference.  Here are 5 things MODUS will do. Action plan for #SeaLevelRise in the lower mainland, Supporting the #G7PlasticsCharter, #Eco-Cities, Implementing the #CircularEconomy, #Cowdfunding platform for change makers -  WAYBLAZE  

BUT WE NEED YOU! To go from Insight to Impact, we need your  imagination, creativity and a   widespread sense of urgency and hope. And we need your creative, powerful ways of communicating to the broader public to be the change, and make the necessary profound, rapid shifts!