City of Surrey's new Parks, Recreation & Culture Plan has been awarded Gold for Excellence in Planning

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MODUS worked closely with the City to design and implement engagement of over   5000 people and 250 community groups in the plan’s creation.  

To reflect Surrey’s diverse, multicultural community and hear from the widest range of people who use Surrey’s facilities and programs, activities included:  

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^^ Multi-lingual project ambassadors and fun, simple, interactive events in busy community centres engaged many people who might not normally participate. 

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^^ Focus groups with high school students and outreach at youth and family events to reach young people.

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^^ Simple, visual materials and graphics that made it easy to understand and participate

^^ Advertising in a wide range of English and non-English newspapers and through transit ads helped to reach people across the City.

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^^ Dialogue-based workshops brought together diverse groups to work through tough issues and trade-offs, build trust and relationships.

^^ Focus groups with City staff linked to key groups like youth, seniors, newcomers, and refugees

^^ Collaboration with urban Indigenous leaders led to many new ideas and actions around reconciliation.

The engagement effort led to a Plan with a strong emphasis on inclusion and intercultural  appreciation. While the previous Parks, Recreation & Culture Plan focused mainly on City facilities and programming,   this plan addresses topics like universal accessibility, affordability, social inclusion, Indigenous reconciliation, community partnerships, and multicultural programming and events .

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