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Social Planning

Our Social Planning Practice brings a focus on equity and inclusion, exploring the factors that
contribute to community and individual well-being.

We seek to better understand and address the diversity of needs in our communities to
include a wider range of voices and create more balanced and sustainable solutions. For
every project, we consider how socio-economic and socio-cultural factors such as gender,
orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, age, income, education, and ability contribute to how
people experience policies, programs and initiatives. We bring this lens to all of our work,

  • Social Sustainability Planning
  • Youth and Age-Friendly Planning
  • Affordable Housing Plans & Policy
  • Inclusive Engagement Processes & Toolkits to Reach ‘Seldom Heard’ Populations
  • Community Safety, Health & Well-being
  • Intersectional Analysis & Gender-Based Studies
  • Best Practice Research