Sustainability Research & Advocacy

Communities face many challenges, such as household affordability, infrastructure deficits and carbon emissions. In an ideal world, we have overcome these challenges and are living in prosperous, fun, safe, environmentally-friendly communities where everyone can meet their basic needs and more.

This is sustainability.

At MODUS, we believe sustainable development helps realize these benefits and offers practical methods that can be used by government, non-profits, and businesses. We help clients plan and develop sustainably by using creative processes to explore new solutions, and helping the public understand how sustainability can meet their needs.

We work with our clients to implement solutions by applying for funding, enhancing business processes and implementing action plans. Finally, we regularly work to shape a community “business case” for new directions, helping to move policy forward and measuring success.

  • Design Charrettes and Labs
  • Monitoring and Reporting on Sustainability Strategies and Tools
  • Organizational Integration
  • Grant Applications